Meca BIM

BIM is not the future, but the present of the AEC industry.

BIM methodology involves the digital transformation of all the processes linked to the project, construction and operation of physical assets. It consists in the collaboration of all the actors in a single digital twin within which information is exchanged in real time, reducing time and costs and enhancing the quantity and quality of project information.

MECA offers the widest and most flexible range of services related to BIM. We have vast experience in outsourcing at any stage of the project. Our professionals are certified in the use of the latest BIM tools and work with the most advanced standards and protocols.

We focus on the quality of processes and deliverables.

We develop and manage BIM models for all project disciplines and levels of information. We assist front-line clients in the sketch, feasibility analysis, bidding, project and construction stages using BIM methodology, helping them obtain the greatest quantity and quality of information on time.

We digitalize existing facilities for their operation and maintenance, providing our clients with reliable information on the status of their assets in real time. We develop monitoring systems and dashboards to track assets in all industry sectors.

We offer our clients the possibility of fully outsourcing the digitization of their projects and assets, helping them to achieve the BIM standards currently required by the market. We also work with them adapting to their processes and methodologies, enhancing their technical desk in case of work peaks.